eleventwentysette is a website about beauty, style and purposeful living. We offer a weekly email covering everything from where to shop and get great beauty services to how to live a purposeful life and find others who share your love for fashion and beauty. At eleventwentysette, we never recommend anything we don't love – we want to be an indispensable resource for everyone who loves the same things we do.  


Founder and CEO - Lauriel

As Founder and CEO of Eleven Twenty Sette (11.27), Lauriel’s deep knowledge and understanding of beauty and style comes from her extensive experience working with a variety of well-known and influential companies and brands, in addition to her educational experiences. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, focusing on brand management. She has worked for Dolce and Gabbana and Neiman Marcus and has successfully managed prestigious salons such as Eva Scrivo Salon, Marie Robinson Salon, and Rita Hazan Salon. She helped open a Medical Spa in the Plaza Hotel and Shops on Wall Street and on Long Island and has worked under the medical direction of Dermatologist Dr. David Goldberg, one of the top 15 Dermatologists in the country. Each of these experiences has helped in refining her standards for customer service and luxury.

Working for the best of the best in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries, and experiencing what drives their successes has helped in shaping Lauriel’s ability to provide high-quality recommendations in beauty, style, and purposeful living.

Lauriel believes in passion and loving what you do. 11.27 is one of the ways she’s working to fulfill her passion for fashion, beauty, and purposeful living. Her deep experience in the field and widely-acknowledged talent make her a force of nature.