“A Flower blossoms for its own joy” - Oscar Wilde

Happy Birthday Mi Amor- 11-27

Another year, another birthday – and unquestionably the most amazing, challenging, and demanding year I have had yet.  Birthdays are your own personal New Year and your own personal chance to make resolutions just for you and your vision for the next year.

This birthday is a joyful one – I’m so grateful for all of the incredible people in my life and all of the amazing opportunities I’ve been blessed with. The only thing I hope for in the next year is more of the same! More adventures, more opportunities to grow, and more days filled with smiles, tea parties, and inspiration.

I want to thank my eleventwenty7 community, family, and friends that have become family for your unfailing love and endless support. You are the ones that have brought me to this blessed, happy place in my life. Merci!

Remember to Celebrate Yourself and Give Yourself Room to Grow

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m optimistic, driven, and have a deep desire to see the beauty in all facets of life. But in the day-to-day hustle and bustle, it can be so easy for us to forget to see the beauty in ourselves. Birthdays are a great time to reflect on just that and take the time to celebrate who we are.

It’s also a good time to look for opportunities to grow. I have always been a woman with a deep awareness of social issues and in this new year of my life, I’m paying more attention to those issues than ever. For me, that means making it a part of my daily life to make the world a little bit better. A smile at a stranger, donating your spare change to someone that needs it, or performing a small act of grace to show be it a hug or pat on the back to show someone you care. Sometimes we have the opportunity to give back in bigger ways, but doing those little things every day can add up to a lot more happiness in the world.

I strive to live in the place where finding personal beauty and making the world more beautiful meet. That’s why 11/27 means so much to me. It’s a day for me to celebrate me but it’s also a day for me to celebrate the amazing platform this personal blog has become. This blog gives me the opportunity to frame something we love – beauty and fashion – as a tool for self-empowerment, self-confidence, and a social confidence. Selfies are great, but Self is better.

I will always be a woman working with a purpose and this year I’m renewing my commitment to that purpose. I’m celebrating me and I’m celebrating the wonderful eleventwenty7 community and I’m hoping that I can inspire you to use those new glass slippers to kick through the glass ceiling. I hope I can remind you to look for the beauty and the meaning all around you to feed your soul.


Happy Birthday 11-27!


On a personal note I am sharing some of my pictures from my personal Instagram.



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